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If you're a human being - so as to find out for yourself whether you want to try to make the world a better place to live in, for every fellow human being, irrespective of their health, wealth, colour, race, gender, religion and any and every other line of division you can think of.


And finally, this blog is for ME - so as to be able to make some difference somewhere by sharing my experiences, and along the way, slowly grow out of those anxieties and insecurities that have inhabited my life for over 2 decades. It is time to escort them to the door now!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Discussion on Sexuality! - Why Not?

For a long time now, an idea of a talk show based exclusively on sexuality has been brewing in my mind. A few months back, I started approaching news channels with a concept for such a show. Finally, after repeated attempts and efforts, CNN-IBN responded and said that for now, they would be willing to let me host a 10-minute chat on an episode of their existing show ‘Y Not’! I thought it over and decided that I would give it a try. After all, it was, at least, a beginning.

So, on the coming Friday, i.e. Oct 30, at 8:30 pm, you can catch me hosting this chat on CNN-IBN. I will be in discussion with a few other friends, a few of whom identify themselves with the sexual minorities and a few who don’t.

Do watch it! And spread the word around!


  1. My personal belief is that we are too caged in our moral judgments and evaluations to have an open chat on this, but then, nothing succeeds like success. :)
    And when (not if) you succeed, it will make the society a little more inclusive.
    So wish you all the best.


  3. It ia a good starting for you keep it up.Why not you join news channel as a anchor.first begain from anchoring later when you establish in news field than it is easy to channels allow you to host such shows.
    i hope one day you become a brand in media.this is a little dream which i give dawn begain...

  4. Nirav - The question is - Who is 'we'? Whatever this 'we' is, is, at the end of the day, made of several 'I's, right? Empowerment has to happen at individual levels and media is a great way to realize that.

    Babal - Thanks a lot! All the best to you too!

    Shalini - Thanks for the idea and your best wishes! All the best to you too!

  5. hello ghazal,

    i watched your show on tv and thought of writing to you.
    Always thought of myself as an independent-thinker, less clouted by the social parameters, but for the first time it has really occurred to me, in the real sense, how difficult the minority has it.

    i am happy for you and hope we grow up as a society.

  6. Gazal Hi! I watched your show on,i said. i watched beause on sound of CNN-IBN not avilable that time,only pictue streaming without sond.But i am try to what you saying by see your lips movement.It is a good effort.please upload this video on youtube.
    This time channel give you only 5-7 minute i hope next time your show get more time.
    Please work on my idea i know you done it very... well.
    One last thing you are looking so so Hot.. in red dress.
    Good luck!Keep Happiness...

  7. hey,just saw your show.i just wanna say, YOU DID MAKE A DIFFERENCE!well after watching your segment, alternate sexuality was a topic of discussion at our dinner table with my conservative parents.i am a heterosexual, but i do believe that for alternate sexuality to become acceptable in indian society,it has to be talked about and discussed by educated seemingly unperturbed ppl like my own parents and others alike.i am sure your struggle has been unbelievable..all i wanna say is you are such a beautiful,confident and strong woman.way to go girl!

  8. Hey..I was flipping across channels mindlessly when I stopped to watch your show today and am glad I did. For someone like me who’s grown up in a heterosexual conservative society, trans-sexuality was something I recently discovered in my paper on ‘Literature and Gender’. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was by the story of your life.. For a country like India that claims to have turned all modern but whose values are still steeped way back in the Vedic world.. hats off to your courage. And when I thought about it, what you said ‘A woman trapped in the body of a man’, queer as it may sound still to sections of our of the most important Indian epic, “The Mahabharata” has a character called “Shikandhi” who was born a man but had the emotionality of a woman retained from his last, its something thats always existed in our society and we are just soo stuck in setting parameters for normalcy that we remain tongue-tied to larger issues..
    All the Best, you are doing a great job by sharing and spreading forth the message. God Bless Ya.

  9. Hi,
    This was home come true to the experience I wish to share. I did happen to see your programme in the feature Y NOT yesterday and was more than convinced that my patients need not travel abroad.
    I an andrologist-urologist in Mumbai with comprehensive training and experience in Gender reassignment surgery ( GRS/SRS)and have operated my patients from the subcontinent abroad in the European centre where I trained initially.After my few closed room meetings with Trans persons and the would- be convinced surgical cases, as I returned to the country was looking forward to sharing my experience of the entire team work that we undertake towards the Transformation of the Transperson.
    Few interviews with the Fox TV in Europe and few orations and presentations via live visuals and videos of my cases to select group of cases helped the movement initially.I just wish I knew of your programme before to give a wider perspective to the present day gender reassignment transformations and the way we are moving forward on the subject. It will be great to discuss with peers and group in meetings if one could be organised.
    This is to greet you and congratulate you on this project.I m reachable at .Keep up your awareness drive as we help more such people. Kudos and Hats off. Wondering if there is a meeting of the would be and already performed body exists that meets . Keen to help.

  10. Hey Gazal:

    I saw the episode on IBN live. Man you rock .. I am a heterosexual but I am sharing my house with a homosexual. Just want to tell you that you guys are as normal as anybody else is. I would like to see acceptance for you all from every person in the society. May god give you courage and strenght to live the way you want to :-) ...
    And did I say .. you look extremely gorgeous!!

    Proud of you .. Regards
    A well wisher ...

  11. I watched the program Y-Not on CNN-IBN which featured the chat hosted by you.It was enlightening and made me realize how badly we all need to broaden our horizons and be inclusive rather than be ready to judge as per our preconceived notions of acceptability.So, thanks for sharing.

  12. hiiii Gazal !!

    How r u ??

    Gazal i just read ur post so i have already missed ur show on CNN IBN , so how can I see it now ? can u help me ? Is show is avalible on Youtube ?

  13. gazal ur the real person u u are the best my best wishe always woth u babal

  14. "Y SO?"......I watched your chat ' y not',Gazal.I have some questions for you.Hope you will clear it for me.

    1)You consider yourself a woman,well,don't you think it is unfair of you to use the benefits enjoyed by women,like say,travelling in a ladies' compartment? The society has fixed these norms for well being of a society,gazal... Just because you wear bangles,we need not invite you for karva chauth,right?

    2)You say that you were born in a wrong body... well,bending the nature according to wishes of mind is not so good,gazal.Our Mind concocts a hell lot of wishes,but you can't fulfill all of them... it's impossible.Let's say after five years from now, you may wish to become a man.. then .. what will you do?

  15. How sad, that after such thought provoking and well written articles such as this one, you, JasminShemale, stoop to spewing vituperative filth about homosexuals in every forum which deals with LGBT issues including my blog. What is worse is that your postings are badly written and shows a poor knowledge of the English language. I doubt if these pieces on this blog were actually written by you. You certainly need some mental cleaning.

    I have all the empathy and support for transgendered people but narrow-minded people such as you, JasmineShemale, need to undergo Psychiatric treatment. You damage the wonderful LGBT community.

  16. Dear all, first of all, I apologize for a really delayed response to your comments. I won’t give any excuses, but hereon, I will definitely respond to comments within a week of their being posted. Sorry, once again!

    Butterflynap – Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. I’m glad that the show could make some difference in your life. All the best! Take care.

    Shalini – Hi! I posted a link to the show on the blog. I hope you were able to watch it with sound. And thanks for your compliments! Take care.

    Strange Medicine – Thank you so very much for your generous compliments! And I completely agree that what we need most as a society is logical discussions rather than irrational fanaticism. I’m glad that the show could ignite that, even if in a small way. Thanks for sharing this. All the best! Take care :)

    Arcturus – Hey! Actually, the average Indian and India, historically, has been very inclusive of different kinds of people and behaviour. It is only in recent decades that thanks to some fanatics who just want to stay in limelight, that stupid issues have been getting blown out of proportion. I understand your point of view and your sensitivity, and do thank you for sharing your thoughts here with me.

    About Shikhandi’s story, there is a little bit of clarification that needs to be made. Shikhandi was actually ‘Shikhandini’ – she had been born a girl, but her parents wanted a son, so they brought her up as one. That led to various confusions for her and for mythology, as we can see. :) Thanks once again for your compliments! Take care. All the best!

    Anonymous1 – Hi! It’s interesting to know about your experience. To be frank, I don’t have much information about surgical practices in India or elsewhere. I had gone to Bangkok for my surgery on the advice of a dear friend, and I haven’t regretted that decision. As of now, I’m not particularly involved with any health groups. I’m a part of a small little trans community, though, whom I might be meeting soon. If you’re okay with it, I can give your email id to them and they can get in touch with you. Do you have experience in FTM surgeries as well?

  17. Anonymous2 – Thanks! You rock too! :) Only one thing – when we say, so-and-so should accept you, in a very subtle way, we’re suggesting that that so-and-so is on a higher platform and by ACCEPT-ing me, they would kind of raise me from my inferior status. This term ‘accept’ is not something I relate to because it creates a power difference. Don’t accept someone because they’re a transperson or gay or lesbian. Just acknowledge that they are who they are, and then, if you like, know them to be their friend. Anyway, thanks once again! Take care. All the best!

    Nidhi – Thanks to you, for sharing that too! :) All the best! Take care.

    Anonymous3 – Please check one of my recent posts for a link to the show. Hope you like it! :)

    Shemalejasmin – Please avoid this kind of advertisement on my blog. I do not appreciate it. I am, hereby, deleting your comment.

    Babal – Thanks! My best wishes to you too! :)

    Anonymous4 – I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability:

    1) I don’t CONSIDER myself a woman. I AM one. I have certificates from medical professionals, which say that. Until I got those certificates, I did not travel in the ladies’ compartments, even though I was always a woman within. As far as karva chauth goes, firstly I don’t believe in it, but even if I did, I would certainly not need your invitation to celebrate it.

    2) If it IS possible to fulfill the mind’s wishes and those wishes are not destructive towards anybody, I do not see any harm in fulfilling those wishes. If a child is born with a hole in his/her heart, a surgery is done to cure him/her. Isn’t that bending the nature? Gender Dysphoria is a medical condition wherein the mental gender of a person is different from his/her physical gender. The medically recognized cure of this condition is Sex Reassignment. You ask – what if I wish to be a man 5 years from now? Well, you must understand that it’s not somebody’s whim and fancy to change their gender. It is not a matter of thoughts and wishes; it is a matter of identity. My identity was, is and will always be – I’m a woman. It’s the identity I was born with, irrespective of my physical gender.

    Proud2bGay – There seems to be some confusion here. This blog is not written or maintained by Shemalejasmin. She just happened to be one of the commenters on this blog post.

  18. From anonymous 4: Thank you for answering my queries, gazal.I just wanted to probe you a little , that's all.I do it , because for the reason that you are well educated and would defend your cause with a certainty.

    And,...Some more silly questions to you!

    1.Are you afraid of cockroaches? (If yes, you can sure call me for help!)

    2.Think of me as a rude, retro sexual guy (Clue:A stereotype of Arnolds schwarzenegger!!).Now, may i know your response for me.....?

  19. Anonymous4 - I have absolutely no clue as to what you're trying to do or say here. I thank you for sharing your views. Henceforth, please comment if and when you have something worthwhile to say. All the best!

  20. salaam gazal main tho abb tak apni app ko ek nam bhi nahe desakhay hoon mera nam b se hain aur mujhe b words pasnd hain isliye filhal babal main main pakistan se hoo aur waha ke socity main koi jaga nahe koi samjh nahe is jis ko laker main muslaim hon aur mujhe mere app tak ke jangare main ase koi information nahe ke kiay yeah guan hain ya nahe halke mujhe malom hain ke i am girl par main samjh nahe atay apni safarkokah se choro karoo kase pathoo apni family ko i have finsh my study aur main job karhe hon aur in futurer agye bhi pardha na hain par sub se pahle main apni real indentity ko sam ne lana cahty hon i am 20 bus abb uar nahe je sakty akasar loog mere awaz aur mere face ke look ko laer baty karty hain ke ye larke hain ya larka aur bhi bhoth se nam degaye mujhe aur main sahid filhan ke liye un ko ans nahe dasakty mujhe nahe patah gay kaiy hain hijrda kusar jase loogbhi hain par i am a girl and i want to be a female kiya karoo appna phala kadam kah se loo main pakistan se bhar hoon apni parent ke sath mujhe plz ans karan aur pichlae ans ke liye shukriay late tah par main ne wat kiay kafi par thanks main kase patho kase samjho ke asa bho hota hain ye bhi ek bemare hain jis ak abb hal hain main un ko khlna nahe cahty mujhe bachpan se he payatha ke main ek larke hi hon aur kahbe yeah asahs he nahe huw under 13 mujhe patah lag tah ia m in a boy body plz tell me what to do plz rely me soon from ue dear frend babal mujhe ek nam cahye ye dunya tho bhoth se nam deaty hain wooo dekhoo shemale lisbian mujhe nahe bath ye loog ase keu hain kon hain kah se bus mujhe patah hain tah i am women aur mere bahoth se sapnaye thay main cahty thi ke main miss world baoo i am to be acator singer dancer main bhoth acahay kam karan cahty hin mujhe gaaya ka shok hain dancing ka actin ka lekhnay ka aur direct karan ka plz mujhe app ka sth cahye app se mushvar karan hain mujhe raeaty dekhaye mujhe rai deh\juye kiya karoo apni sapnoo ko pura karan hain par mujhe ise sub se pahlay apni paraet kp patah hain yeah sub aur mujhe lagath hain kahe na kahe un ko patah hain is bath ka par main aur kaiy kaho app ke ans ka wait rahe ga bye take care all the best mis u from babal

  21. Hi Ghazal,

    My story is same as yours except that I am still living as a man in my thirties. Mentally I have gone through the change for accepting myself. I have always admired you quietly since I came to know about you. I admire the way you carry yourself, your dignity, your trueness which I feel makes a woman wonderful. I am so much like you except that I am still living a lie. I did my engg in NIT, did my Post Graduation in IIM, Kozhikode and working in a telecom company. I have not been able to do my best in career as I have always been thinking how wonderful it could have been if I were physically born as a woman in the first place. Hope to be touch with you. Take care.

  22. Hi! Gazal now i watch your half show ,which link you post it has not full show,some part left.

    gazal i saw your photo of school play where you act as girl.which class you reading when you act as there are not any girl in your school which play that role?
    teachere who manage this play is sir or miss.
    can you remember what your first feeling when you selecting this role.
    can you remember what's your parents reaction when your teacher tell about your role to your parents and when they saw you girl dress.

    you wonder what stupid question ask.i ask this because i am also gone out the same condition in class 10th school play.
    Take Care.Be Shining...

  23. and i have only one sweet memory from my childhood.
    Gazal!Keep Shining...

  24. Babal – Hi! Sorry aapko phir se thoda wait karna pada, lekin main busy thi aur jaldbaazi mein nahin likhna chaahti. Sabse pehle, mujhe ye clear nahin hai ki aap Pakistan mein rehti hain ya Pakistan se baahar? Aur aapke parents aapke saath rehte hain?

    Babal, abhi aap padh rahi hain. Mujhe pata hai bohot frustration hoti hai aur bohot mushkil lagta hai har din jeena, lekin ek baat aapko apne aap ko samjhaani hogi ki jab tak aapke paas financial freedom (paisa) nahin hoga, tab tak aap kuchh nahin kar sakti. Aapko apne parents pe dependent rehna padega. Sabse pehle aapko apne pairon pe khade hona hoga, paisa jama karna hoga. Jab aap poori tarha se independent ho jaayein, tab dheere dheere karke apne parents ko aur family ko bataana shuru kijiyega. Aur unhe medical angle se samjhaayiyega. Parents ka sabse bada worry ye hota hai ki shayad iss bachche ko pata nahin ki ye kya karne ja raha hai, ya iska dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai. Ab aise time pe agar aap ro kar ya zidd karke unhe manaane ki koshish karengi, toh unko aur zyaada aisa lagega ki aap galat raste pe ja rahi hain. Uski bajaaye aap agar apne pairon pe khade ho kar ek mature person ki tarha unse baat karengi, toh shayad wo aapko behtar samajh paayenge.

    Isliye, abhi aap apna poora dhyaan apni padhai aur career ki taraf lagao, taki aap jaldi se jaldi independent ho sako, aur apne faisle khud le sako. All the best Babal! Take care.

    Shilpa – Thanks for the compliments! I can totally relate to what you must be going through, since I was also in a corporate environment for 2 years. It was the most suffocating time of my life. Shilpa, if you know what you want, why, then, are you not going ahead with transition? Societal pressures would be there, I know, but for how long are you going to live your life for this entity called society? You have come on this planet to live YOUR life, and as long as you’re not messing up with anyone else’s life, nobody has the moral right to stop you. Think about it. All the best! Take care.

    Shalini – I’m glad you were able to watch the full show now. Answers to your questions:

    Yes, there were other girls, but somehow, the teachers chose me to do it. I have no idea why, but I never wondered. :)
    The teachers were all ladies.
    My feeling was that of immense happiness and excitement. I couldn’t contain the amount of thrill I experienced. :)
    My parents were pretty happy. The picture you see has been clicked by my father. My mother dressed me up, and my father clicked my photographs. I felt like a princess that day!

    I must thank you for reminding me of that day. Just like you, it was one of the happiest days of my childhood too.

  25. Hi!Gazal-Thanks for all.

    Gazal can you remember ,The feeling-I am a girl is come after that play when you act as a girl or you already feel that I am a girl.

    Thanks again!for creating this wonderful place,which help others to discover himself to take right decision.

    Take care...

  26. Gazal hye. main pakistan se baher hon apnay parent ke sath fil hal 12 year clear kiya hain aur abhe serf job karhe hoon main kafe pareshan hon ke kub kase main un ko patho kase samjaoo keu main ek muslim hoon aur pakistn jase country se hon aur waha ke le comunity same like india aur socity ufff main kiay karoo kuch samjh nahe arah fil hal ke liye roz ka din mar mar kar guzartah hain madil angle se matalb kase ? kiay app pata sakty hon mujhe saerf respect cahye main app ka wait karo ge mere age 20 hain aur abb fil hal family ko seport karhe hoon aur sath sath sath kosish hain ke pani liye pase jama karsakoo main jena cahty hon apni life ko waste nahe karan cathy hon plz help me ur frend babal

  27. what is different between she male and tansperson

  28. Shalini - That feeling was always there, play or no play! And you're most welcome. I feel privileged to be able to make some difference in some lives somewhere. :)

    Babal - Agar aapko lagta hai ki aapki society mein aapke liye rehna mushkil hoga, toh aap achhe se mehnat karke kisi doosri country mein ja kar padhai karo aur phir wahin job bhi kar lo. Usse aap independent bhi ho jaoge, aur society ka pressure bhi nahin hoga. Main samajh sakti hoon ki shayad Pakistan mein aisa kadam uthaana bohot mushkil hoga aapke liye, khaas taur pe jabki aapke parents aapko support nahin kar rahe. Isliye kisi aur country mein jaane ke baare mein sochiyega. Take care.

    Anonymous 5 - I do not know.

  29. hi gazal kase hon madical angle ke throw mean main samji nahe kaiy app kuch patho ke apnay lafzo main and happy new year in advance hope app ka anay wala saal bhoth sarai kushiya laker aii i wish by plz pray 4 me u r babal by

  30. hi gazal what is differnet between lady boy and transexual ? and a very happu new yaer

  31. Babal - Medical angle matlab - jab aap unhe batao, toh unhein iss tarha samjhao ki ek medical problem hoti hai 'Gender Dysphoria' ya 'Gender Identity Disorder' jismein insaan ka physical gender aur mental gender alag-alag hote hain. Aise log saari umar bohot pareshaan aur dukhi rehte hain, kyunki unhein apne khud ke jism se nifrat hoti hai. Doctors ka maanna hai ki aise logon ka sex change surgery karwa lena theek hota hai.

    Ye sab medical baaton se aapki daleel mein zyaada vazan aayega. Aapki family ko ye nahin lagna chahiye ki aap yun hi masti masti mein ek galat faisla le rahe hain. Unhe samjhaayiye ki ye duniya bhar mein ek maani hui bimaari hai. Koi nahin jaanta ki ye kyun hoti hai, lekin iska ilaaj hai - sex change surgery.

    Abhi clear ho gaya? Wish you a very very Happy New Year too, Babal! Khush rehna! Hamaari khushi hamaare apne haath mein hi hoti hai. :) Take care.

    Anonymous6 - I do not concern myself with this kind of questions, because labels and tags are really unimportant stuff. If they matter to you, please look for other sources of information on the internet.

  32. Hye gzal thank u very much it so nice of u babal

  33. hi,
    gazal aap humsein naaraz hain kya humnein aap se ek guzarish ki thi humein aap ki saree pehni (bindi, kajal ,chudiyaan, gazrein aur chudidaar mein dekhna hain plz photo post karo na waisi . aap ki aankhein bahut sundar hain. aap ko dekh kar humein neend nahi aati

  34. Anonymous7 - Main photos sirf tab post karti hoon jab mujhe lagta hai ki wo photos kisi post ke saath add karni chahiye. Warna nahin.

  35. gazal ji aap ne humein is layak samjha ki aap humare guzarish ka jawab de humein bahut prassanta huiye par plz humein aap ko saree bindi gazrein mein dekhna hain plz

  36. plz gazal ji ,
    aap kabhi relationship ke liye ready hoon to humein ek chance dijiyenga .plz humara email id ki ek photo saree bindi aur gajre mein plz post kariye humare email id par bhej dena plz

  37. Dear Ghazal,
    i get to know about you,while i was reading hindustan times newspaper,since then you had been my hope,i'm like you.i want to talk to you it is very important,i cannot write everything here because of my privacy.please contact me through "
    thanking you.
    please it's a request.

  38. dear gazal,
    i'm waiting for your reply,my hopes have become fragile.please contact me through "".

  39. Anonymous8 - Jaise ki maine kaha hai, main aisi requests ko entertain nahin karti.

    Anonymous9 - I understand your concern, but I also have certain limitations. I'm sorry but I cannot contact your personally. However, please feel free to write here anonymously. I assure you it's completely safe. A lot of anonymous commenters share their problems with me. Give it a try. All the best to you! Take care.

  40. dear gazal,
    i'm very tortured by my life,please help me."life.less.than.normal".

  41. gazal ji ab aap ladki ban gayee hain puri tarah se aur kafi sundar ho gayee hain. Abhi tak kisi ladke ke saath sex kiya hain plz is ka anuvabh baty\iyen hum jaison ke liye jise gen disorder hain

  42. thing is that you are still having reservation in your mind that you are transgeneder or transsexual as others who go for SRS bt still confused about their sexuality and feel like being EUNUCH and join their community (see kalki of sahodari foundation).
    it is really good to see if you really recognise yourself and are happy with what you are from your birth and take pride being a woman.
    but i see u want to milk the opportunity of fame and fanfare.

  43. what is the different between shemale and transgeneder or transsexual?

  44. Hello madam,while watching Your NDtv interview show "Salam Zindagi" Unknowingly my heart noticed Motherly feeling on you.I'm really praying god what ever he wants to do good for humans please choose u to make Execute.U'll have great future and please make any good projects on "True Love" that should project as "All are equal..........."through that you should make the world to realize and avoid criticism.

  45. Life less than normal – Please tell me how I can help you, and I’ll try my best. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, and I’ll respond.

    Anonymous10 – Sex change ke baad life mein mera har experience poori tarah se normal raha hai – bhale hi wo emotional ho ya physical. Iske alaawa main aur kuchh nahin kehna chahoongi aur aapse request hai ki aap meri privacy ko bhi respect karein.

    Anonymous11 – If my fame can give hope to millions of others and make people see the struggle a person with GID has to go through, I think the fame is every bit worth the trouble it comes with. Have you ever thought that I could have stayed in closet and lived on, hiding my past, and faced no discrimination whatsoever, ever again? I would trade the so-called ‘fame’ with ‘being born Female’, any day, but there’s no changing my past, then, why should I shy away from it? I’m proud of my past and the fact that I am who I am today despite all the trauma and hopelessness I have been through. The world likes to celebrate winners. I am one. I see no reason why I should not celebrate myself.

    Anonymous12 – What are you referring to, there?

    Anonymous13 – From my knowledge, a ‘shemale’ is someone who socially and emotionally plays the role of a woman, but has chosen to retain her male genitals intact. ‘Transsexual’ is a person who has a conflict between their biological and emotional gender.

    Pawan Kumar – Thanks for your warm wishes. I do hope I’ll be able to continue to make a difference in my own small ways. I wish you the best too! Take care.

  46. Thank you Madam,
    I need your blessings,the reason for approaching u is I want to get motivated by u.I'd like to be a perfect man even I know the pain of how sweet the soul of a woman.I realized my self tat i should satisfy my self emotionally attach with people with my true love.Even I'm respecting your pure soul(here i don't want to think about gender ).I'm the great fan of Lord shiva's Ardhanaareeswara Tatva.After knowing about u,i'm thinking u reached the heights of god.I want to treat u as Goddesses.I like ur trueness,ur intension of not hurting ur fans with lot of patience.U r the true lover of humans.really i'm praising u for not flattery.I love god inside u maa.Maa i want to be as ur best friend.take care......

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  48. aap ki ek nayee photo ladki mein tabdeel hone ke baad aap kaisi lagti hain plz post kijiye.

  49. Pawan Kumar, that's a bit too much. Thanks! I wish you all the best.

    Anonymous14 - Iss blog par meri kuchh tasveerein hain. Main photos tabhi post karti hoon jab unka meri post ke saath koi taalluq ho.

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  52. Hii Gazal Jay here i have read your blog and i really appreciate your efforts and hats off to you for a making a come back in life.Well i do see my sister in you as i dont have any bro or sister.Wished i had a daring and caring sister like you. All the best and take care.
    And please do visit my blog ADOPT A GIRL CHILD AND BRING HAPPINESS IN YOUR LIFE.And post a comment.Thanks a lot.

  53. Hi there! Thanks for your time talking to people here. Just seeking your advice -

    Im male 29 and would like to get a beard free face. I have tried laser years ago on the neck area and had a bad experience. I am in touch with people in the US who got electrolysis (i live in USA for the most part) but while im in India, i thought maybe i should try laser on the beard again given that it worked for you?? I know of Dr Sushil Teheliani in Bandra. Just wanted to hear your advice- id rather go to a place who have experience lasering on the beard area. Could you tell me where you went and how bad the scarring/pigmentation was (if any? )

    Thanks a ton! :)

  54. hie gazal di. this is a cute brother of yours named rishi. i am aged 16 living in m.p i am a male and i am very much cute and very very much gorgeus like you. and i believed that god gives us extra ordinary talent in us because i am a fab professional singer and dancer plus practising for modelling. i strongly feel that i am a gender dysophrobic. and i am deciding for SRS, i told my sister about all this she's supporting me. plus i got plus points that i am extreamly beautiful like you, and especially my figure is so much girly that even straight guys do also get attracted to me. my every feature is very sharp especially my eyes and my lips. i am very fair in colour so now i have decided to achieve what i want. but all credit goes to you because your life gave me a hope and a 'JAZBA' and i now i am so strong from inside just because of you. thanks a lotsssss.. :)
    i sended you a friend request in fb named rishabh kapoor please add me :).you are so respectfull to me from my benieth heart.


  55. This looks fantastic - more discussions on affirming sexuality for people of ALL genders is exactly what is required. Gazal, thank you for sharing your beautiful writings. My name is Richa from India, and I work at a non-profit women's organisation called Point of View. We've recently created a website, which has been massively inspired by writings and stories from bloggers like you. In fact, we've linked to your blog in our resources section and within our content that discusses trans issues. Please do look at it if you get the chance. With love and solidarity.

  56. Hi gazal, welcome back to your new life. hats off to your parents. I wish everybody should get parents like yours. I saw you on satyamev jayate.... Ganesh

  57. Hi gazal how r u? It must have been v difficult for you. However the change that u have caused to ur life is amazin n motivatin too

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